Episode 01: “They leave the Church but they can’t leave it alone”

Episode 02: Surviving BYU During Proposition 8

Episode 03: Mormonism, cults, and the BITE model

Episode 04: BITE model part two, information control

Episode 05: BITE model, thought control

Episode 06: BITE Model, emotional control

Episode 07: LDSFace2Face questions

Episode 08: BYU devotional with Elder Ballard

Episode 09: Attachment theory and god as a perfect parent

Episode 10: #GaslightTheWorld, LDS Face2Face

Episode 11: #GaslightTheWorld, benevolent sexism in Mormonism

Episode 12: #GaslightTheWorld, sexual abuse in Mormonism

Episode 13: #GaslightTheWorld, service in Mormonism

Episode 14: #GaslightTheWorld: The atonement

Episode 15: Why we left Mormonism

Episode 16: The power and control wheel

Episode 17: Prophet's first press conference

Episode 18: Josh and Lolly Weed announce their plan to divorce

Episode 19: How the LDS church fails at informed consent

Episode 20: LDS suicide prevention website to leaders

Episode 21: LDS suicide prevention, part 2

Episode 22: Listener questions

Episode 23: Cultural humility and being an ally in the ex-Mormon community

Episode 24: Young Women values vs. our own

Episode 25: What we wish our parents had done

Episode 26: Mormon Mad Libs

Episode 27: Discovering our queer selves

Episode 28: Joseph Bishop and sexual abuse in Mormonism

Episode 29: April 2018 General Conference

Episode 30: Substance abuse 101

Episode 31: Self-compassion

Episode 32: "Non-consenual immorality" and why Mormons don't understand consent

Episode 33: It's a two-fer! LDS church on the BSA and medical marijuana

Episode 34: A secular come-to-Jesus-meeting for white ex-Mormons about our privilege

Episode 35: You don't have to take our word for it

Episode 36: Mormonism and mental illness

Episode 37: Gays do it better, especially Louie B. Felt

Episode 38: LGBTQ Mormons in history

Episode 39: Our amazing LGBTQIA heritage

Episode 40: Why we're pissed about Dan Reynolds' documentary Believer

Episode 41: A follow-up conversation re: Believer documentary 

Episode 42: Happy birthday to Kelsae and a coming out story

Episode 43: Just a few terrible Mormon tropes


Episode 45: Cards Against Humanity, Zelph on the Shelf edition

Episode 46: The Mormon Church is transphobic and how to self-care through unsafe situations

Episode 47: Setting boundaries with Mormon family

Episode 48: McKenna Denson crashes sacrament meeting and is a BAMF

Episode 49: Boundaries, THE SEQUEL! Listener questions

Episode 50: One year in, a retrospective.

Episode 51: General Conference (can suck it)

It’s a mother-effing minisode

Episode 52: BITE Model and Missions

Episode 53: Rusty goes fundie

Episode 54: Apostate gratitude and call to do some temple prep!

Episode 55: Scientology and the Aftermath

A minisode on suicide

Episode 56: Mormon temples

Episode 57: Survey and goodbye 2018

Episode 58: Russell Mormon Nelson changes the temple ceremony to be maybe kinda a little less sexist

Episode 59: PTSD, neuroception, and Mormonism

Episode 60: Endure to the end, suckers

Episode 61: Oaks is the worst

Episode 62: Club Fuck Packer is anti-Semitic BS