Episode 18: Josh and Lolly Weed announce their plan to divorce

Yesterday, Josh and Lolly Weed (a prominent Mormon couple in a mixed-orientation marriage) publicly announced their plan to divorce. Considering the massive impact that this couple’s marriage has had on LGBTQIA Mormons, Cari and Kelsae recorded an impromptu minisode (that isn’t actually mini at all) and process some feelings. In order to make this information more accessible to ex-Mormons and active Mormons alike, Cari and Kelsae depart from NMKMH’s typical tone and format and refrain from swearing. It’s a big dill. Don't fret, they'll be back to their swear-y selves on Sunday. 

CONTENT WARNING: this episode includes discussion of suicidal ideation and suicide attempt(s) throughout, and we read a quote that contains a gay slur.

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