Episode 38: LGBTQ Mormons in history

This week, Cari and Kelsae review some stories of LGBTQ early Mormons. They discuss Evan Stephens (director of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir who was totes gay), Ada Dwyer Rusell (an actress of Mormon descent who was a lesbian), Kate Thomas (writer of an openly lesbian poem that was published in a Church magazine), and Almerin Grow (Salt Lake resident who was exiled to southern Utah by Brigham Young for gender nonconforming behavior). Happy Pride month, y’all. Go find the LGBTQ early Mormons in your family tree and we’ll share them on the podcast this week (nomanknowsmyherstory@gmail.com).

Opening thought by Andrea Gibson

Closing thought by rupi kaur

Links Mentioned

Brigham Morris Young as Madam Pattirini

Brigham Morris Young as Madam Pattirini

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